MMA - Managed Medical Assistance


Here are helpful easy-to-read charts for the Managed Medical Assistance (MMA) Plans by Region, with the effective roll-out date for each.


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ALL Seniors who are receiving Medicaid coverage for long term care MUST select an MMA Plan too!  If you do not select a MMA Plan, the State will select one for you.  You will be auto-enrolled into a Plan whether you choose one or not!

Managed Medical Assistance

To compare Plans in your Region which are BOTH a LTC Plan and MMA Plan, please see the highlighted information in the “cross-over” chart below.  If you are a senior enrolled in a LTC Plan which ALSO is a MMA Plan, it may be best to select this Managed Care Company as your MMA Plan.  There may be less confusion by dealing with the same Managed Care Plan which is already your LTC Plan.

MMA and LTC Managed Care Plans


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